The Northern Piedmont Beekeepers Association welcomes new beekeepers, or anyone with an interest in honey bees. We would very much like to have you at our meetings, which are on the third Thursday of each month, except December, January, July, and August. Rather than a June meeting, we have a Sunday afternoon potluck picnic, with a Chinese auction, some open hive work, and a lot of good food and fellowship. Monthly meetings sometimes offer speakers, other times we have informal discussions about member concerns, current beekeeping issues, or we trade swarm stories, and generally try to keep up with the latest information about honey bees. The dues are $10.00 per year, starting in January. Your dues go for sending a monthly newsletter to you, as well as obtaining outside speakers for our meetings. Beekeeping organizations have something for everyone - information for someone who has never kept bees, and also information for experienced beekeepers. We love seeing both old and new faces, so please become a member!


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